What type of dog should I buy?

“What type of dog should I buy?”

Folks ask them selves when dog shopping; “What type of dog should I buy?” But they really should be asking; “What breed of dog is my lifestyle best suited too?”

Before we decide on what breed of dog is best, we need to make an honest assessment of our lifestyle and living conditions. What is the environment like in our location? Is it suited to a dog designed to work in the snow for example? Are we active, are we sedimentary?  Can we afford the medical expenses that are more likely with some breed’s?  German Shepard’s often have hip issues, pug dogs often a breathing problems, especially in warmer climates.

Can we afford the general upkeep, registration, quality food, toys, medications and vitamins? Some medications such as Heartworm medications have to be given for life and can become expensive.

Designer Dogs

Through out the ages we have produced dogs through selective breeding to suit particular activities. These activities require the dog to have enhanced skills in specific body abilities: Sheep dogs are required to be good at running all day, and need lots of exercise.
Pit bulls are required to hold on to a lion and keep it pinned until the human comes to dispatch it. They therefor have a inbred tendency to kill other animals.
Lap dogs such as the Bichon Frisé like to sit quietly. Each breed of dog has a burning ambition to complete its task and to receive recognition for doing so. 
If we deny the dog it’s inbred instincts, they will become distressed and destructive.

A dog should be for life. They are devoted animals, we owe it to them to choose wisely. The wrong choice will end up harming not only us as owners and dog we’ve chosen, but it also becomes distressing for the people who end up taking ownership of or euthanizing the dog because we cannot handle it.

The right choice will provide a rewarding companion for life.
Let’s choose right.

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash