What is the best dog food?

“What is the best dog food?”

What is the best dog food?
Or the better question is what food suits my dog best?
Dogs like people are individuals. Lots of dietary options exist, but not all diets suit all dogs. Keep this is mind when choosing food for your pooch.

Dogs are largely carnivores animals that eat some omnivorous foods.
The most important thing to remember is that your dogs diet is balanced and complete for its stage of life.

A diet of raw meat is popular. If you choose this for your pet, then ensure it is human grade as per grade can contain lots of harmful chemicals.  Padding out a raw meat diet with grated carrot or pumpkin is a good way to add some fiber to their diet.  Fiber is good for bowel health.
A small of cooked meat is also an option but be sure to avoid sauces which can be toxic to animals.
Tinned fish can be an occasional treat, but be sure to avoid any with bones.
Cooked bones should never be fed to dogs, as these can splinter causing internal injuries.
A large bone, bigger than the dog can completely fit it it’s mouth is ideal. One or two bones a week should be enough to keep plaque from the teeth.
Consuming to many whole bones can lead to constipation.
Raw food diets can be more expensive than kibble diets. Raw food diets are also not recommended in homes with immune-compromised individuals.

If you choose a kibble diet over a raw diet, then try to mix it occasionally with rice, vegetables, or even better some remaining meat broth from stews you may have cooked for your human family.
Historically cats and digs have lived off whole raw foods, fermented carrion, scraps they could scavenge. It has only been in recent times we have forced them on to processed – kibble diets. Try to consider this when planning your pets diet.

Always keep fresh water within easy access for your pet. Many of today’s foods lack enough vitamins and minerals. Like us, they may need supplements.

How much do I feed my dog?

The amount of food your pet needs largely depends upon the breed, size, age and activity.
It is far better to gauge your pets food intake by it shape rather than weight alone.
As a general rule you should be able to feel your pets rib cage when you push firmly.  They should have a defined waist.
Check the chart below for a guideline.

Image supplied by Hill’s Prescription Diet ~ Clinical Nutrition to Improve Quality of Life

A dog should be for life. They are devoted animals, we owe it to them to choose wisely. The wrong choice will end up harming not only us as owners and dog we’ve chosen, but it also becomes distressing for the people who end up taking ownership of or euthanizing the dog because we cannot handle it.

The right choice will provide a rewarding companion for life.
Let’s choose right.

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash