How do I train my dog?

How do I train my dog?  Do I need to pay for expensive puppy obeisance schools?  Will it require me to punish my dog?  Is my dog smart enough to teach?

We all know those dogs that are badly behaved. The ones that are always barking. The dogs that are always digging holes, chewing shoes, jumping on furniture. 

Then we know the other type of dog. The one that walks one step behind their master, that sits when their master turns around. The dog that stays, and obeys numerous other commands.   We admire these dogs and their owners. 


Teaching our pet

So we’ve got a new puppy, how can we ensure our canine is going to be one of these well behaved pets and follow our instructions?

There are several schools of thought and designer training methods out there, as well as expensive puppy obedience schools. Dog schools are great for teaching your pet to socialize in a controlled environment. Dog training schools should be a part of early puppy training. But can we also train them at home? of course!

Dogs desire please their pack leader – you.

They want to be recognized and rewarded. They want Structure and consistency. Dogs definitely respond better to reward and love rather than punishment & cruelty.
We can use our pets desire to please, and train them to follow our instructions. Opening up a line of communication between you and your pet. We need to be consistent and start small stretching out and complicating the training as our animal progresses. Each achievement is a building block that foundations the next.

For example: teaching to sit. We take our dog and a little bag of treats. Our dog wants those treats, so it runs around pawing in front of us. So we focus on the one word ‘sit’, then firmly but gently pushing their hindquarters to the seated position. If it stays seated we give it a treat. We do this constantly stretching out the treat rewards until the dog has learned that it must put its bum on the ground when it hears the word ‘sit’ come from you.

Well done! You both deserve a reward. Go have some play together.

Now building on that one command we keep the sit training happening but without the reward. We now add ‘stay’ command, giving the reward when our dog can link these ‘sit’ & ‘stay’ together.

And it’s as simple as that. One command at a time, Consistency and reward. Just remember the reward is just that – a treat for delivery of the behavior we desire. 

From now on it’s a good idea to carry treats with us when out & about with our dog, but not to be given out every time our pet obeys an instruction, but on occasion to remind our animal that good behavior gets rewarded.

Now you are that person that other dog owners admire.

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Simply dog training method
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