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Q. Do I need a prescription for this deal?

A. You do not need to submit a prescription when buying through this supplier. Why? The supplier ships from the UK where Heartgard is an over-the-counter product. 

Q. Do you ship to the USA?

A. The supplier ships to the USA, ONLY. For a limited time: Shipping is only $6.95, regardless of order size!
Sorry, they do not currently ship to any other countries.

Q. What is Heartworm disease?

A.  Heartworm disease is a result of a parasitic worm that lives in the heart and lungs, as they grow number within the host animal, they migrate throughout the body in the bloodstream. It is a deadly and serious disease in the United States as well as other parts of the world.
As the worms grow in size - upto a foot long - they cause serious damage to the heart, lungs and other organs in the body.
Heartworm disease mainly affects dogs, cats and ferrets, but heartworms also live in other animals, including wolves, coyotes, foxes, many other mammals and occasionally humans.